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Listen carefully – delivery matters!

Let’s get one thing straight from the outset – you are good at your job, you are a good leader and you are worthy of promotion.

Some may think otherwise, but not you. Well, certainly not if you are entering the promotion selection process. This is what you must believe. Believe in yourself.

No one joins the police to ‘do the bare minimum’ or ‘just get by’. Likewise, no one goes for promotion to ‘be a poor leader and embarrass themselves and their team ‘. But we know things happen. Over time our attitudes can change and we become disconnected from our sense of purpose and core values. This is linked to Emotional Intelligence. The ability to have high levels of self awareness and social awareness. How is my behaviour effecting others? How does others’ behaviours effect me and how do I respond? This is not unique to policing, it is found in every walk of life – especially large organisations.

But that’s enough about emotional intelligence and effective leadership (which for me is about demonstrating high levels of awareness and responsibility).

This is about your mindset when going through any assessment and selection process.

Attitude matters. But without an understanding of the assessment process attitude alone will not achieve success.

You must know what to expect. The ‘rules of the game’. There is no question that this, combined with a positive attitude, will move you into the high scoring zones. It will achieve success.
Positive attitude with a proper understanding of knowing how to prepare = high impact delivery, when it counts. Delivery matters!

Know what to expect. Do you understand each assessment stage? There must be no surprises. You cannot walk through a door unprepared. What is this assessment stage about? How will I be assessed? What is the assessor looking for and what factors influence them?

Know how to prepare. We start here with Content. Content is what comes out of your mouth (for example in an interview or role-play exercise) or off your hand (e.g. application form, e-tray/POINT or written exercises). The content must be relevant, as interesting as you think your story may (or more likely may not) be. Not what you think is relevant, but what is absolutely relevant to the assessor. Are you scoring quickly or are you waffling?

Next is Structure. Structure is central to ensuring your content is focussed and relevant. Structure keeps the candidate and assessor on track. This will keep your assessor engaged. Structure is essential for each assessment stage. Mastering the right structure significantly builds confidence and helps manage nerves.

Know how to Deliver. Sure, content and structure are critical, but how you deliver is perhaps the most important. Effective content and structure with a dead-pan ‘I’m not interested’ delivery (whether it be intentional or a product of nerves) can be assessment suicide. This is about creating energy. This is about creating impact.

Before putting yourself forward for the upcoming promotion or assessment process, make sure you ask yourself these questions. Make sure your starting point is a positive mindset. You deserve it. So don’t enter the process with one hand tied behind your back and get yourself properly informed and prepared. Your colleagues do need you!
Listen carefully – delivery matters!

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