Preparing For Police Promotion? bselected helps you pass!

Police Promotion Success

Our promotion coaching is underpinned by bselectedpolice’s 3 Pillars of Success©: Content, Structure and Delivery. When mastered, these three building-blocks will take you into the high-scoring zone.

Online Learning Programme

A comprehensive, highly interactive and flexible online learning programme designed to develop your understanding of the competency-based promotion process and enhance your performance. The programme can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. Suitable for CVF, PPF, MPS, GMP & other local frameworks.

This programme consists of 8 courses based on bselectedpolice's 3 Pillars Of Success©: Content, Structure & Delivery.


– bselectedpolice’s 3 Pillars of Success©.
– What are your goals?
– The Learning curve.
– Where are you now?

Content: 1st Key Element

– The 5 Elements of a High Scoring Answer.
– 1st Key Element: Understanding Competencies.
– How you are assessed & marked.

Content: 2nd - 5th Key Elements

– 2nd Key Element: Preparing & selecting your best evidence.
– 3rd Key Element: Incorporating Rank Awareness into your responses.
– 4th Key Element: Demonstrating broader impact & bselectedpolice’s Impact Matrix©.
– 5th Key Element: Demonstrating values & ethics.

Structure: Behavioural Questions

– The STAR Plus structure and rules (for MPS officers this is SOAR).
– Writing your answers using The STAR/SOAR Plus structure
– Videos of what a good answer looks like.
– Build a template that can be used for all answers required.

Structure: Situational Questions

– bselectedpolice’s unique REDSTaR© structure and rules for answering situational questions.
– Writing your answers using The REDSTaR© structure.
– Videos of what a good answer looks like.
– Build a template that can be used for all answers required.


– Influencing your assessors.
– The importance of non verbal communication.
– Taking control of your assessment.
– Video examples of what good looks like.

Interactive Exercises: In-Tray

– Essential theory, tips & templates
– Full ‘real’ in-tray to practice on

Interactive Exercises: Role Play

– Essential theory, tips & templates
– Full ‘real’ role play to practice on

You will have the opportunity to interact with the bselectedpolice team via the unique Social Media tab - a great tool to help answer any questions and test your knowledge and understanding.

Interactive Learning

– Interactive quiz’s, questions and tasks to maximise learning.
– Video examples of ‘what good looks like’.
– Build example answers for behavioural and situational questions.
– Templates and documents to support your ongoing preparation and development.

Social Media Zone

– Create an online learning profile.
– Real time interaction from bselectedpolice’s expert team.
– Swap hints, tips and promotion experiences.

Note: Once purchased you will receive an email to register on the online learning platform. You will have 4 weeks access to the programme from the first time you access the platform. On completion of the online programme you have the option to ‘upgrade’ to one of our nationwide Masterclasses, where we will consolidate and implement this learning through a series of role-play coaching sessions.

Masterclass Programme

The complete promotion package, including all main assessment exercises. In addition to 4 weeks FREE access to the Online Learning Programme you will attend one of our all day Masterclasses (held monthly at locations UK-wide).

This intensive and highly interactive day consolidates the learning from the Online Learning Programme by focusing on your delivery. Expert personal coaching will significantly develop your technique and maximise your impact and performance.

Video Role-Play workshop

– Implementation and demonstration of the theory covered in the Online Learning Programme.
– Individual role plays of interview questions, including 1:1 coaching focussing on improving interview structure, delivery and content. This helps consolidate learning for each assessment stage of the promotion process.
– Expert coaching, and honest feedback, on how to refine your technique. You will see a dramatic improvement in technique and delivery by the end of the Masterclass.

Note: Video files of your individual role plays will be sent to you after the masterclass to help you review, assess and continue to improve your effectiveness before your board.

Powerful Presentation & Briefing Skills

– Dealing with the pre-read material and identifying key themes.
– Hitting the brief with relevant content.
– Structuring your presentation.
– Engaging your audience & delivering with confidence

Interactive Exercises, including In-Tray, Role-Play/Briefing and Written Exercises (where relevant)

– Understanding this assessment stage and how it is scored.
– Dealing with the pre-read material and identifying key themes (where relevant).
– Hitting the brief with relevant content.
– Powerful structure to help keep you focused.
– Delivering with confidence.

Post Course Support

You will be invited via our 360 Online Learning Programme to occasional group Skype group or Webinar sessions, when we will cover particular themes and role-play examples. A great opportunity to focus your preparation, refresh your knowledge and interact with our coaches!

A maximum of 8 delegates will attend the Masterclass. Lunch & light refreshments will be provided on the day.

Personal Consultation

An individually tailored personal consultation session delivered over SKYPE by one of our assessment and selection professionals. Comprising of 4 hours coaching split over two sessions. The consultation includes the Complete Online Programme and tailored content from the Masterclass.

Once you book you will be contacted to arrange a convenient time & date for your session/s.

Situational Judgement Test

The test will give you experience of taking a SJT under “exam” conditions as well as providing a report that contains discussion points that you may consider to help with your development. The test measures judgement and decision making skills in typical managerial scenarios, against four key competencies, each comprising two sub-categories:

Leading Others

The two sub categories are:

– Motivating Others
– Making the Right Call

Planning and Co-ordinating

The two sub categories are:

– Making Plans
– Organising Work

Managing Performance

The two sub categories are:

– Delivering Results
– Improving Performance

Managing Relationships

The two sub categories are:

– Working with Others
– Handling Difficult Situations

Note: This is NOT a police specific Situational Judgement Test.

Once you place your order, you will be emailed a link to enable you to complete the test and you will be sent the report when completed.