Testimonials. We have hundreds of them. We’re lucky that many of the officers who attend our police promotion personal consultations, police promotion masterclasses or complete our online police promotion coaching programme write some nice stuff about us!

Take a look at just some of the recommendations below.

I just want to say a massive thanks to you both for all of the help and advice at both the masterclass and then the follow ups that you did with me. I just got word yesterday and successfully navigated the 4 stages for promotion to chief inspector for police Scotland.
Derrick: Insp - CIPolice Scotland
“A quick note to say thank you so much for your help for the Inspectors Board. Delighted and buzzing to have aced the board and passed. How did I do this, by putting into practice everything you developed with me! Made such a huge difference. I will definitely be in touch when I decide to go for promotion to Chief Inspector.”
Alan: Sgt - InspPSNI
“Just a quick email to say I got my sergeants board results today and I passed with flying colours! I wanted to email you personally to say thank you for your time and help with it. Those lightbulb moments definitely stuck and your help was invaluable. I’ll be pointing all my colleagues going for promotion your way!”
Nick: Pc - SgtWMP
“I used bselectedpolice for Sergeants and Inspectors process. I wouldn’t of passed without Neil and his team. I wouldn’t do another process without them, especially the Mock Interview. Worth every penny!”
Mark: Sgt - InspGMP
I am pleased to say I have been successful at my Chief Inspector board. Doing your course certainly gave me the focus, direction and framework I needed to gain in areas that I needed to develop. So from me to you “a very big Thanks” I highly recommend your services.
Darren: Insp - CIGMP
Just a quick message to say thanks for today. The class was fantastic- you’re a genius 🙂
Sinead: PC - SgtPSNI
The results are out, I’ve passed! Got 88% in the interview questions. Thanks you so much for all your guidance!!!
Becky: Sgt - InspGMP
Just let you know I’ve passed the briefing and board. 4 and 5s massive improvement from last time. And in all honesty a lot down to you and your input and learning package. Wouldn’t have down it without your help. Thanks again mate and I will recommend your products to everyone
Yoseph: Sgt - InspMerseyside
Just a quick note to say I passed the GMP Pc to Sgt online process. So thank you guys at bselectedpolice for giving me the structure needed to evidence the competencies and values effectively.
Simon: Sgt - InspGMP
Just thought I’d let you know that I passed GMPs Insp board – smashed the interviews.
Ian: Sgt - InspGMP
While preparing for the Supt process in Scotland I found the service offered by bselected to be invaluable in helping me establish a training plan, making sure I started on the right path in considering what a good answer looks like and some really practical tips I would never have conjured up myself. I feel much better prepared and certainly more confident of the interview ahead.

Michael: CI - SuperPolice Scotland
I attended the masterclass course yesterday in Manchester, after failing my assessment centre in June. I found the course really useful, and now feel a lot more confident as I work towards the February process.
Mick: PC - SgtGMP
I recently attended a Masterclass in Manchester. I had previously failed a promotion board and had feedback that my responses lacked structure. Attending the course gave me the structure and confidence I needed. Ben took time to give constructive feedback throughout the course, getting me to a point where I understood where I had been going wrong previously. I had a web chat after the course which gave me the skills I needed to deal with forward facing questions. I went into the next board with confidence and a structure I believed in – it worked! I passed and will soon be facing the new challenges promotion offers! Great service and an excellent product- Ben and Neil work magic.
Darren: Sgt - InspHampshire
I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic masterclass. I have learned so much from today and I have realised that everything I’ve been told so far from others is completely wrong! I definitely feel that I am now at an advantage over others to give the Sergeants board my absolute best thanks to the structures you have relayed and the advice received on this course. I will of course be promoting your business to others as the only place to go to for promotion preparation in the future!
Natalie: PC - SgtWest Yorkshire
Just to let you guys know I successfully passed my board and I’m on the list for promotion to sergeant. Thanks for all your help because I don’t believe I would have achieved that success without attending the masterclass or getting your feedback. I will be recommending you to everyone intending to sit the board next year!
Kate: PC - SgtPSNI
Both the masterclass and online learning package were instrumental for me achieving success – thanks to both of you! Highly recommend your services
Steve: Sgt - InspGMP
I found the bselected Online Learning Program invaluable and was almost certainly key to my success at that board. The break down of the stages and the structure detailed in their Three Pillars of Success gave me the confidence I needed. When I entered my board I felt prepared, ready and eager to present my evidence.  A big thanks to bselected for your program and assistance. It comes highly recommended
Jason: Sgt - InspHampshire
I found the training provided by bselectedpolice to be first class. They helped me to navigate the labyrinth of selection processes. I recommend the one-to-one Skype sessions as they provided me with the confidence to be successful at just the right time.
John: PC - SgtMPS
Testimonial: I did your online programme and one day masterclass this year…and passed! Just wanted to say thanks for the tuition and support.
Chris: PC - SgtGMP
Testimonial: I can’t recommend bselectedpolice highly enough. They gave me structure and the knowledge on what is required to pass an assessment centre. I recently passed my Sgt to Insp with the help of bselected.  It’s a very small price to pay for the confidence it will give you to be successful. 
Tony: Sgt - InspGMP
Testimonial: This was my 3rd try at Sgts process and the 1st time I had used bselectedpolice. Got a pass. The masterclass gave me the structure and confidence to be my best. You can use others but to give yourself the best chance use bselectedpolice.  No such thing as 3rd time lucky. It’s about what you put into it.
Stuart: PC - SgtPSNI
Neil I wanted to let you know I passed my inspectors process. Not only did I pass but I scored 42 out of 50. You helped me so much with the interview process – which is what I was most fearful about. Thank you!
Marie: Sgt - InspMPS
“Just thought I’d let you know I passed the inspectors interview. Absolutely over the moon. Came 10th out of about 240, for approx 120 posts. Wanted to say a massive thanks for your input and support with the Masterclass etc. I wouldn’t be here without the structure you gave me. Thanks again!”
Johnathan: Sgt - InspPSNI

I thought I’d drop you a quick email to let you know I’d passed my PC to Sgt assessment with Police Scotland today. This is the first time they’ve run this new process so there were a lot of unknowns and I wasn’t sure how usefully your course would be. Turns out it was very useful indeed and all your material was very useful in helping me understand the competencies and structure my answers. Thanks!

Kevin PC - SgtPolice Scotland

I purchased your online course to support my board preparation. It was really useful and an invaluable tool to demystify the process and REDSTAR was brilliant for forward facing questions. I’m please to say I’ve just got my results, and I passed my board in what was a very competitive process. Thank you, and I will be recommending you to other candidates.

Jim Sgt - InspMPS
I did a masterclass with yourself online in October. I got promoted yesterday so thank you for all your good advice and lessons. Your structure and content and delivery model scored me very highly as did the use of the REDSTAR model. Cannot thank you enough.
Gurpreet PC - SgtWMP
I just thought I would email and let you know I found the course very beneficial. I did a course with another company a few years ago and to b honest it was rubbish which put me off going on another. I heard lots of good reports about your course so thought I would give it a go and am glad I did.
Nic PC - SgtPSNI
A quick email to thank you for all your help. Just received the news I passed. Definitely wouldn’t have without your help. Thank you once again,
Chris Sgt - InspNorthumbria
Just a quick note to say I got my board result yesterday and I passed. Thanks for all of your help, it definitely gave me a thorough understanding of Competency Based Assessment and a great base to get through the process. I’m recommending your help to anyone that asks…
Leah Sgt - InspGMP
I only went and passed the Detective Inspector board – first attempt! Just wanted to say thanks again, the coaching was invaluable – you equipped me to put all the thoughts swirling in my head into coherent sentences which I was able to deliver in a structured way. I’m convinced that without your help I wouldn’t now be looking forward to my new posting.
Sue Sgt - InspWYP
I’ve passed the very competitive Sergeant to Inspector process in my force.  I’ve found the bselectedpolice masterclass and online course to be extremely useful  in equipping me with the know-how to tackle all the parts of the process, and demystify the Competency and Values Framework and ensure that my interview performance was consistently good in the pressure of an assessment centre.  I’d thoroughly recommend  their services to anyone considering promotion and wanting to understand how to perform well on the day.
Jonathan Sgt - InspGMP
Just to update you, I had the transfer board the other day. Your structure really helped me remember. When I was shown out they said I’d done well, so I passed. I will be in touch again next time I am going for promotion. Thanks very much for your help.
Lee: TransfereeMPS
Using the format you provided and the coaching I was able to smash the interview with a score of 94%. The feedback also commented on how my passion and drive reflected in the examples, another great example of the coaching you provided me with. Thanks for your help and I’ll be sure to recommend my colleagues to you when they ask how I passed.
Abdul: Sgt - InspGMP
I have recently passed a sgts board using your online course. I found it to be vital in my prep and delivered that light switching on moment in understanding what a board needs. I came 6th from 110 candidates. My T/Insp is now prepping for a CVF board and I couldn’t recommend you enough. Thanks.
Graeme: Sgt - InspWest Midlands
Your online package was excellent. Well written, thought provoking and vital to my success. I have recommended it to others that are seeking promotion and will continue to do so in future.
Luke: PC - SgtThames Valley
This year was the second time I went for promotion. I dipped last year and was gutted! This time round a colleague recommend bselected so I booked on the course and did the online learning. I’m delighted to say I passed. The course was brilliant and really taught me how to structure my answers. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking promotion.
Shelly: PC - SgtGMP
Just got word from my HR department….I PASSED.!! Very many thanks for the One on One we had at Ollerbarrow House last Saturday. The input was a great help to my final push for success on the Sgts board.
David: PC - SgtWest Yorkshire
Testimonial: I was successful! Just wanted to say thank you and that your course and online work was the main reason I got through. I knew straight after my interviews and role plays that I felt confident in the way they went. It was clearly down to the preparation and structure you teach. Thanks again.
Mike: PC - SgtGMP
Just wanted to say thanks for the Belfast course. I had a couple of questions on my board where my prepped answers didn’t fit. I started from scratch and used the structure that you guys reinforced and it must have helped! A pat on the back for a good job always helps and I just wanted you to know that the course you guys presented definitely helped me get my stripes.
Kris: PC - SgtPSNI
Testimonial: A big thanks. I attended your course in December and, after failing twice, I passed this time and came 1st overall in GMP out of 258 candidates. Thanks again. The course help me immensely.
Nana: PC - SgtGMP
Testimonial: I used the Online Learning Programme for the Sergeants Promotion process. I was successful and thought the programme was very beneficial.
Just a quick email to say that I passed my promotion board first time using your online course. I found it really helped me to structure my answers and not waste time on content that wasn’t going to score me any marks. My feedback speaks volumes: A strong interview with consistent approach, measured and engaging with the panel.
Owen: PC - SgtKent
Big thanks to Neil and the team! I did the online masterclass with Neil, it was a full day, lots to take in but it paid off in the end. I smashed my board with multiple 5’s across the different frame works, a few 4’s and a couple of 3’s. I wouldn’t have managed it without their help so i highly recommend anyone going for promotion to take the classes that bselectedpolice offer.
Lauire: PC - SgtMPS
Just had me feedback today  from ACC and Ch supt. From 81 candidates I was top 5  with 22/25. Smashed it with no development, other than they want to see me at Ch Insp board in couple of years.
So thank you all so much for my training, preparation and guidance. Superb.
Susy: Sgt - InspA&S
Great news! I passed the board and placed 16th. Thanks for all the help and your listening ear along the way.
Mark: Sgt - InspPSNI
I did your course in December, loads of prep after that with my interview in Feb. I  scored 100% –  unbelievable! Quick email to say thanks, I couldn’t have done it without your structure and explaining the system to me.
Amanda: Sgt - InspGMP
Just wanted to let you know I passed the process!  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your advice and support.
Ken: Sgt - InspMPS
Thanks so much for today it was excellent, It has definitely given me a massive push in the right direction as well as a kick up the ass to get started. Hopefully we didn’t break you too much. Thanks once again. I might have to a gin before I watch the videos 😱
Elaine: PC - SgtPSNI
Hi Neil, hope you’re well. I’ve passed the GMP Insp to CI process! Thank you so much for your help and support, I followed your advice exactly and scored 84% in my interviews, this pushed up my overall score enabling me to pass. Really grateful for your clear direction, without it I’d probably still be a Sgt.
Nicola: Insp - CIGMP
Thank you so much for today. I’m so so glad I attended. You’re amazing at demystifying the whole process and translating it for a mere mortal like myself. Greatly appreciate all that you did for us. Thank you
Adele: PC - SgtPSNI
Passed my GMP promotion! Thanks so much for all of your help. Used your format for my interview and got 4, fives! Also attended the role play webinar and got 100! I am thrilled.
Ali: Sgt - InspGMP
A quick email to thank you for yesterday’s masterclass. I was very impressed with the day, the knowledge you guys have and how you look to improve our interview technique. I will be taking up the skype session.
Gary: PC - SgtNorthumbria
Just wanted to say massive thank you to you both after passing my inspectors board first time. This is the second time I’ve used bselectedpolice. I passed my sgts board three years ago after doing your course (again first time).  So I thought I’d go with you again to refresh my memory of the structure. Once again it’s paid off.  I would definitely recommend you to anyone going for promotion. Great value and worth the investment, especially when you factor in all the promotion pay rises. For me, it was a no brainer.
Sarah: Sgt - InspGMP
Folks, just want to thank you again for the course today.. really reinforced my understanding of things and has pointed me in the right direction. An intense but enjoyable day!
Luke: Sgt - InspPSNI
Pleased to say I passed. Scored 84% overall, will be in the top 10. I think your input gives a real good structure & brings focus to your efforts. I will recommend your services to others as they will get you. That personal tutoring was brilliant and inspiring!
Sean: Sgt - InspGMP
Having heard lots of positive comments about the bselected products from colleagues and my husband who passed it the year before by using them, I decided to book the full day master class. which included the online package. The course was worth every penny and from the minute it started til the time it finished it was full on which was fantastic as you knew you were getting your money’s worth.  I came away feeling very emotional as although I had put so much work in I realised I had a long way still to go and it gave me a huge kick up the backside. Following the course I was able to add structure to my examples and to cut out the bits that were irrelevant and where I knew I would not be scoring to make them much more streamlined. I really feel the course was invaluable, the trainers were really professional and it gave me so much direction and helped me to pass my gmp assessment centre with flying colours
Hayley: PC - SgtGMP
I’ve been Ospre qualified for six years but kept dipping the process. I did this course and got the skills & confidence required to pass my board at the next attempt. Great work guys!
Mark: Sgt - InspWest Midlands
Got my result today. I passed! Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help. The interview went so much better this time. You really went above and beyond.
John: PC - SgtGMP
Testimonial: Testimonial: I thought I knew what I was doing but got the 1-1 course to make sure I gave myself the best chance at success. I quickly realised I had not been using opportunities to score.Their system is so simple but worth every single penny. Pays for itself.
Adam: PC - SgtGMP
Testimonial: I wanted to thank you both Neil and Ben having finally passed my sgts promotion board at gmp. I wish i had discovered your services years ago it would have saved me a lot of wasted time and effort. I will be in contact again in the next few years when I do my inspectors board and will of course be telling people what a fantastic service you provide. Thanks again
Marie: PC - SgtGMP
Testimonial: I just wanted to thank you for the Masterclass. I have no doubt that it had a huge impact on my structure and delivery which in turn has given me a successful outcome. Thank you!
Nigel: PC - SgtPSNI
Testimonial: I would very much recommed bselectedpolice. I did a course with two others from my department and we were ALL successfull in the next sgts process!!…. worth every penny!
Andy: PC - SgtPolice Scotland