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Jun 25

Effective Goal Setting

If you have watched athletics or cycling over the years, you may be familiar with the athletes or cyclists talking about “controlling the controllables or “concentrating on the process rather than the outcome”. What are they banging on about and how can it benefit you as you try to get... read more →
Jun 23

The Performance Cycle

I had a long conversation with an candidate yesterday that was similar to many that I have every single week. The candidate was telling me that they had failed in a promotion process three times previously but had decided to give it one ‘last shot’. “Great!” I said. I then... read more →
Jun 11

Visualisation & Interview Success

You don’t have to do much research to uncover that all top athletes’ use visualisation and self talk in some capacity to help them perform at their very best. Visualisation is a technique that refers to the pictures’ you have in your mind as you prepare for a key situation... read more →
Jun 11

Unconscious Bias In Selection

I recently read an article that got my hackles up as it is something I believe is so wrong within the workplace and certainly in recruitment and selection in 2019. The article talks about how workers in the City are still being told what to wear in the office. It... read more →