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Dec 01

To STAR or Not to STAR

Over the last few months, we have had lots of conversations with officers who are receiving conflicting advice on the style and process of how their boards are being marked and assessed. Essentially, they are being advised that they are not solely being assessed against the CVF, but that the... read more →
Nov 14

Up Your Body Language Game

When in an interview (or in any situation where you wish to portray strength) body language or non-verbal communication is critical to how you will be seen and judged by the panel or person you are talking with. It’s important then to spend some of your preparation time thinking about... read more →
Aug 30

How Much Time Do I Need To Prepare?

A common question that we are asked at bselectedpolice Towers is “How long do I need to prepare for my board?” In our opinion the easy answer is always, ‘as long as possible’, but we appreciate that this is not really much help to you! We ran a Twitter poll... read more →
May 19
Feb 16

Are You Promotion Fit?

Many police officers across the UK have experienced a notable change in the format of their Force promotion processes over the last few years. This follows introduction of the College of Policing National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF), which replaced the Policing Professional Framework (PPF) Personal Qualities or local equivalents. Despite... read more →
Feb 08

The Terrifying Forward Facing Question !

In discussions with officers from many forces over the last few weeks (especially GMP, PSNI & MPS), it’s becoming clear that forward facing or situational questions are coming ever more popular again in police promotion processes. Lots of forces are now including them either as the only question type used... read more →
Nov 26
Nov 01

Eating To Win (or lose) at Your Board

After a few weeks of overindulging and a lack of exercise, I’ve been feeling pretty sluggish and maybe not as mentally ‘sharp’ as usual (although many I know would argue that’s never the case). And, looking at the bselectedpolice twitter feed, it its clear to me that often officers’ diets... read more →
Oct 11

Police Promotion – Keep It Simple

Take a look at the definition of simplicity below:     The contradiction here though is simplicity is not simple. Keeping or making things simple is hard – it’s much easier to do what you have always done. Making things simple takes commitment and energy to do and complexity can... read more →
Oct 06

Help Me! Managing Promotion Stress. A few Tips.

A promotion process can never be said to be a relaxing time. Even the best prepared candidates will have a degree of stress as they face their process and, for many, it can be completely debilitating. I’ve spoken to numerous candidates over the years who have pulled out of a... read more →