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New Year Goal Setting

New Year is obviously a time when resolutions are put in place and we have a clear vision for the year ahead, whether it be personal or professional. So how... read more →

Tellin’ Stories

As you will know from our previous blogs (or if you have attended one of our masterclasses, online or 1:1 coaching sessions), having a plan is vital for success at... read more →

To STAR or Not to STAR

Over the last few months, we have had lots of conversations with officers who are receiving conflicting advice on the style and process of how their boards are being marked... read more →

Up Your Body Language Game

When in an interview (or in any situation where you wish to portray strength) body language or non-verbal communication is critical to how you will be seen and judged by... read more →

Are You Promotion Fit?

Many police officers across the UK have experienced a notable change in the format of their Force promotion processes over the last few years. This follows introduction of the College... read more →